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Le dernier album DRIVEN est chroniqué sur le site countrystarsonline.com

et dans le magazine DREAMWEST (N°sept-nov 2007)


Que disent-ils de "DRIVEN" ?

"Driven is a well crafted stylish CD done with passion and an obvious connection with the music…the compositions are standouts as are your voices that blend so perfectly in harmony"
- Peter Merritt, program director at PBS 106.7FM Melbourne Australia

"I was going through my music stack that keeps getting bigger and bigger each week, found your CD, and all I can say is WOW! Why in the world have I not heard of The Ranchhands? The album is great, and I want all my listeners to know about The Ranchhands" -Jay Allen, music director at KTTN radio, Window Rock, Arizona

"Driven is a stellar offering, with Mickey Kennedy on lead vocals and Chris Tedesco on fiddle, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals. It's 10 Tedesco cuts come tagged, deservedly new country…a CD that is sure to build on the band's wide European acceptance and growing American fan base" - George Peden, Country Stars Online

"Excellent music, part of all my shows. Continue your excellent job, the audience appreciates it very much." - Yves Savariaud, DJ at RPS FM France

"A suberb album from start to finish, and deserves all the airplay possible"
-Peggy MacNeil, DJ at Isles FM, Stornoway Scotland


Souvenirs de leurs concerts 2007 en France :


Coup de coeur 2003 :

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Chroniques du premier album "The Ranchhands" :

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